Remote Music Classes at The Pearl High School

Students are in the driver’s seat as they set out to dive into topics related to music-making, recording engineering, and music production. This remote music class is a ‘no experience required’ opportunity to pick up an instrument, learn about the recording process, or just be creative and have fun with sound.


Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 pm-5:30 pm Central / 2:00pm-3:30pm Pacific


About the Class – In The Studio: Remote Music Class

The Pearl High School’s Inside The Studio Class is taught by Wes Lanich, MA. Wes Lanich has been performing, teaching, and recording music for over 20 years.  Wes earned his degree in history from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and his MA in Audio Technology from American University.  Wes primarily teaches audio engineering, piano, organ, guitar, bass, drums, and vocals but has experience on other instruments as well. 

In this remote class, students can learn music from home. Whether they are entirely homeschooling or looking for an extracurricular to supplement in-school classes this class is an excellent option for teenagers interested in gaining music skills.

How does it work?

We teach our classes online, using Zoom, and they are open worldwide! Homeschool students who take classes at the Pearl are eligible to earn a WASC-Accredited US high school diploma. Even homeschool students who attend The Pearl from outside the US are still eligible to receive a US diploma. This makes the Pearl an excellent option for students who struggle in mainstream education.

The Pearl utilizes democratic education, meaning students are self-directed and learn through the lens of the things they are passionate about.

As always, students can enroll for one, several, or all of our online classes as part of a complete education. Schedule a free consultation with our founder to see if The Pearl Remote Democratic High School is right for your family!


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