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Learning Math At The Pearl Remote Democratic High School

At The Pearl, we teach math by through examining real life problems. With our classes, never again will your teenager say “Why am I even learning this anyway? I will never use it in real life.” These classes are excellent for homeschool families who do not feel comfortable being in charge of their child’s more mathematics education, who’s teenagers struggle to focus on learning math, or for families who want to prioritize college-ready math skills.

Here are some examples of math classes we have offered in the past. Classes are subject to change every term based on student need. 

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Math: Economics, the Environment, and Arts – Online Math Class

Spring 2023 – Spring 2024

In this course, you will be free to explore high school-level math through everyday problems. Topics will include algebra, geometry, and statistics. Algebra will be introduced through economics. Geometry will be explored through design and art. Statistics will be presented via real-life problems.

Learning Outcomes:

  •       Recall the definition of statistics.
  •       Recall the difference between sample and population.
  •       Calculate the mean and median.
  •   Recall definitions of frequency, relative frequency and its connection to probability, and cumulative frequency.
  •   Generate various kinds of plots: stem/leaf plot, box plot, line plot, frequency polygons, histograms, and time series.
  •       Analyze data to decide on which kind of plot to use to properly visualize it.
  •       Use plot to interpret data.

Physics: Math in Motion – Online Physics Class 

Winter 2023

In this course, students will be free to explore high school level physics with emphasis on math concepts such as rates of change, vectors, and motion in 1D, 2D, and 3D. Students will also be given the opportunity to explore trigonometric functions through waves and sound. 

Math in Your World – Online Math Class

Winter 2022-Spring 2022

In the Math course of the Fall 2022 term students democratically chose to pursue three common threads: algebra, geometry, and statistics. These topics were found, following in-depth class discussions, to be common and essential to the needs of the students. All our explorations were done through word problems in class exercises and student assignments. Word problems present real-world situations. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply the concept of percentage.
  • Apply statistical analysis: mean, median, and standard deviation.  
  • Apply concepts from geometry (triangles): perimeter, area, sum of angles. 
  • Apply the Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Apply concepts from geometry (rectangles): perimeter, area, sum of angles.
  • Recall the differences between types of polygons.
  • Apply concepts from geometry (parallel lines + transversal): alternating angles, corresponding angles, etc.
  • Apply and solve linear equations, inequalities, and equations

Math can be challenging as a homeschool family, but the Pearl’s community of expert teachers is here to help! 

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