Inspiring Success: Our English Teacher’s Impact Statement on Student Motivation​

Here at The Pearl: Remote Democratic High School, our community makes us great. We are excited to present a series of impact statements from our staff, families, and students, starting with our English Language Arts Teacher Sara Caldiero, MFA.

“I started teaching at the Pearl Democratic High School in the fall of 2023.  I have spent years in the classroom teaching poetry and writing workshops in many unique situations.  From drifters on the street, to private high school river trips down the Grand Canyon. What has continued to motivate me to teach for decades is my deep belief in the power of the word. I strive to cultivate a love for reading and writing that will serve students for a lifetime. There have been many instances in the classroom where students fall into patterns of frustration. These were often formed in school situations where learning processes were not respected.  I look for opportunities for them to move towards learning where they can find success and build confidence in their abilities in academia. The students at the Pearl are engaged and eager to learn. The democratic model empowers them to learn at deeper levels because they are driven by their own self-efficacy. The international aspect of the school allows cultural exchange in the classroom. The students get a well-rounded education. It is an honor to teach at this school and help align the students with the school’s mission: to become informed, competent, and involved citizens in a safe anti-racist environment.”

Interested in learning more about our incredible staff? Check out our “About Us” page for our teacher qualifications and CVs or schedule a meeting with our director

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