A Letter From Our Scholarship Recipient

At The Pearl, we are very grateful to be able to offer financial aid to several of our students. This is thanks to the generosity of the individuals who have donated to our scholarship funds and the staff who have donated their time to make this possible.

The letter below was written by one of our scholarship recipients. If you’d like to give more students like her an education at The Pearl please help us grow our scholarship fund.

In my 9 years of being a student, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so at peace with my academics. By at peace I mean I don’t wake up scared for the school day ahead of me anymore. I no longer have the fear of asking for help or thinking outside the box. Amazing is an understatement when trying to describe my experience at the Pearl. I honestly have spent a few days thinking of the perfect word to describe it but I can’t find one because it’s just too much, to sum up in one word. I’m beyond grateful for having the privilege of attending a school where I actually feel comfortable and welcome. And where I don’t have to worry about if my ideas are good enough to be shared because I know that at the Pearl my opinion matters and I’m actually encouraged to share my expansive mindset which I’m never judged for either because I am no longer in a school system controlled by close-minded individuals. To add to that, it’s a great feeling finally being able to share and discuss topics that interest me (even if it doesn’t match other’s beliefs) because I know that it will not be labeled “off-topic” but instead be encouraged. 

Like every other student (at least I think) the impacts that the pandemic has had on my family are still very stressful. However, being at a school where I actually want to be is a huge weight off my shoulders. I don’t think I have ever even attended a school where I truly felt like my best was enough – until now. I attend my classes knowing that I am accepted as I am and that alone has to be one of the most amazing feelings, especially at school where there are usually people that are nothing like you. Honestly, at first, I even thought that would be an issue but as time went on I noticed that all the other students at the Pearl have somewhat of a similar background as me as far as school goes and that made me feel a lot more comfortable to be myself. I’d also like to add that I’ve never had such kind, caring, considerate and understanding teachers as the ones I’ve had this year. They all made this year special because for the first time I felt like they all really cared for my academic needs. They also acknowledged my strengths and constantly reminded me that I’m a great student which I feel also contributed to me feeling very confident.  

All in all, I want to thank anyone and everyone who donated to the Pearl and I’d like everyone to know how blissful I am to finally feel heard in a school as phenomenal as the Pearl.


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