Arizona Students Can Now Attend The Pearl for Free!

Thanks to Arizona's new Empowerment Scholarship, homeschoolers from Arizona can now get their Pearl tuition 100% covered

Good news for Arizona residents: the Empowerment Scholarship Account allows families to use their education tax dollars towards a school of their choice, empowering students to obtain an education where they can thrive. The Pearl Remote Democratic High School is happy to report that we are now one of the program’s supported schools. 

Every day BIPOC, neurodivergent, and LGBTQ teens are cast aside by public school systems that do not support them. This is why The Pearl was created. At The Pearl, we foster an inclusive environment that does not dismiss the struggles marginalized students go through in their daily lives. With our student-led and culturally relevant curriculums, we support student’s interests, passions, and perspectives, leading to greater student engagement that prepares them to become informed and proactive citizens.  

Additionally, we work extensively to decolonize our learning environment, uplifting Indigenous knowledge and perspectives. The Empowerment Scholarship program supports students living on a reservation in Arizona. As an online school, The Pearl can support Indigenous students while allowing them to continue living near their family and community.

At The Pearl, we endorse student choice and are happy to work with families to ensure they get the support they need during the change from public school to a student-led homeschool partnership. We encourage interested Arizona residents to check out the program’s eligibility requirements and to reach out to our director to see if The Pearl Remote Democratic High School is a good fit for your family. 

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