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We are so excited to be able to add a STEM teacher to our team for the Fall of 2021!

The Pearl Remote Democratic High School offers a personally relevant and student-centered educational experience. Students benefit from being part of a dynamic international learning community while being supported by mentors, educators, and professionals. Our students are prepared for whatever life they choose.

As teacher at The Pearl, you share control of the classroom with your students and co-create knowledge. Students have a say in class rules, what is studied, and how learning takes place. Your role is to help them feel welcomed, competent, and to keep them excited about learning, while developing critical thinking skills. Using your expertise in STEM, you will differentiate instruction to meet students where they are. Classes are multi-age and limited to 10 students and meet twice per week.

This is contract position for an online course (3 class hours/week and 20 sessions total). There is the possibility of teaching multiple courses per term. We follow a similar schedule to many universities (3 terms/year).

You will receive extensive professional development on democratic education. Additionally, as a teacher at The Pearl you will have a voice in school policies and procedures. Pay is competitive with pay of college and university adjunct positions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Honor the philosophy of democratic education at all times; if you need help doing so reach out to the Director for guidance.
  • Connect Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to students areas of interests.
  • Co-create STEM course(s) with students based on their strengths, interests, and challenges.
  • Collaborate with other teachers and staff to support students in developing interdisciplinary projects.
  • Differentiate instruction to ensure all students are able to understand the material covered.
  • Foster students’ creativity, competence, autonomy, and sense of belonging in your courses.
  • Encourage students to take academic and intellectual risks.
  • Be flexible and adaptable. Students’ interests will morph as they learn, courses need to change with them.
  • Maintain appropriate records monitoring growth, strengths, and needs – in an organized, efficient manner ­– for every student (Note: Narratives will be given instead of grades, training will be provided).
  • Identify and implement innovate software to create an engaging online learning environment.
  • Participate in weekly team meetings and monthly professional development offered by The Pearl.
  • Communicate with students via systems and processes put in place by the school.
  • Be a champion for The Pearl and our mission to make democratic education accessible to students anywhere in the world.

Job Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree in appropriate field
  • Demonstrated success teaching diverse populations including different learning needs
  • Demonstrated success creating a highly engaging experiential online learning experiences
  • Experience implementing project-based learning
  • Expert level of technology
  • Reliable high-speed internet and computer
  • Ability to attend staff meeting, monthly professional development, and occasional meetings with parents
  • Ability to pass background check


  • Masters or PhD in appropriate field
  • Experience teaching (or learning) in a democratic classroom
  • Experience working in a field relevant to the course(s) you are teaching
  • Proficiency with Google Classroom
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English)

To Apply:

Please send your resume, 3 references, a sample lesson plan, and a cover letter (or 3-5 minute video introduction) describing your academic qualifications and professional experiences, and how you will bring value to The Pearl students.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2021

Position Contact Name: Robin Harwick, PhD

Contact Email: drharwick@thepearlhighschool.org

The Pearl is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race/ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, or protected veteran status.

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