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Last week we received a scholarship request from a high school freshman. I want to share a little of her story with you, so you can also see why she deserves a scholarship.

“As I get older, I realize the impact that school has on me. It is one major component that slowly resulted in me having anxiety like I never experienced before, even being so young. You see, I was always the quiet kid in class who would tell my friends to ask questions to the teacher for me. I was too scared to ask because I didn’t want it to seem like I was not paying attention in class but I also feared missing out on information and possibly failing an assignment. I’ve always done my very best to pass my classes and get passing grades mainly because I strongly believe my family deserves the entire world, and I know I can be the one who takes my family out of that dark, stressful financial hole that they have been in for so long. But also because I’ve always feared failure very much. 

…Although we are very blessed to receive the help of food stamps, other expenses still add up very quickly. I hate seeing my family stress and get overwhelmed over something I can’t do much about. But I know having my education secured, I can do so much in the future to help my mom and grandma. That is one reason why I so badly want this scholarship…Growing up watching all my family work so hard but still being put down when they saw there wasn’t enough to cover certain expenses is the exact reason why I feel so much urge to be the first in my family to graduate. 

…When I was doing my research on The Pearl High School and the history behind democratic schools I realized that is the education system that should be normalized. Democratic schools enforce the idea that you determine the outcome of your life and you are the one in control of what the success of your future looks like. In my eyes, allowing students to have authority over what they learn really comes to show how the administrators care about their students’ interests. On the contrary, the traditional school system has set standards in which we the students must follow and have no say in even if we don’t agree with half the material that is taught. A scholarship, with The Pearl, to me means the high school experience that I always dreamed of having.”

You can support our scholarship drive by emailing and requesting a STRIPE invoice or through our GoFundME

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